AMP (Aaron Meredith Porter)

Vibration Control, Energy Projection: Sound, Energy Resistance


AGE: 21
WEIGHT: 170lb
POWERS: Vibration Control, Energy Projection: Sound, Energy Resistance


- He comes from a family of mutants.

Father: Jake Porter Sr
Power: Can fuse Objects together (uses it for welding)

Mother: Florence Porter
Power: Can mend/repair/regenerate damaged tissue and structure in organic lifeforms.

Older brother: Jake Porter Jr
Age: 28
Power: is able to intensify heat between his hands (Uses it to heat and reshape metal among other things)

Younger sister: Holly Porter
Age: 13
Power: Unknown at this time

- at age 14 his sound projection powers manifested while he was listening to music at school. As the music played it seemed to move through him, flowing from his ears through his body into the area around him. He didn’t even realize it was happening till one of his friends came up to talk to him. As he slipped his headphones off the flow stopped.
“Huh, that was weird.” he friend exclaimed.
“What was?” Aaron question.
“You didn’t just hear ‘Smells like teen spirit’ playing?”
“Yeah? I was listening to it on my phone.”
As his friend just stood there with a confused look on his face the bell rang. “Shoot we better get to class.” Aaron nodded and the two of them proceeded down the hall. As they walked Aaron slipped one of his headphones on. As he did the music started playing again. “What the? there it is again!”
“Wait… I hear it too.” again Aaron took his headphone off and the music stopped.
Suddenly his friend went wide eyed. “Holy shit, Aaron it’s coming from you! Looks like you ARE just like your parents after all!”
Aaron just stood there dumbfounded.
“It’s like you’re… some kind of speaker or something!” his friend said laughing.

Throughout the rest of high school the nickname Speaker stuck. When his sound powers manifested he began to idolize Dazzler, looking up to her as a role model. He would spend hours listening to her music. After a while his powers changed, he found that sound he projected began to have a blue glow to it. At age 16 he started making his own music and took the stage name “AMP

- At age 20 his Vibration powers manifested. While he was playing a set at a local nightclub his body began to tremble. He brushed it off thinking that it was just something one of his friends slipped in his drink. After a few minutes he looked up at the room and realized that the entire building was shaking, not just him. As people ran to the exits he froze, unable to move. He would have been hit by falling debris if his boyfriend hadn’t tackled him out of the way, after which he passed out and the shaking stopped.

It wasn’t long after that he was then contacted by a representative from the Department H. who explained to him that he was responsible for the destruction.

AMP (Aaron Meredith Porter)

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