Dean Nathaniel Holler

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Dean Holler is the third Dean of the Institute since it’s inception, having been elected after Braxton Johnson stepped down as a temporary emergency selection. In the five years since his selection Holler has brought the University to new heights, developing new programs and obtaining private and government funding far beyond what had been accessible before.

Heroes Unlimited:

Heroes Unlimited is the nick name given to the Jean Grey Institute for Gifted Youngsters program that Holler implemented two years ago. Each year sixteen students are selected for specific X-Man training at the institute and offered a full scholarship with their admission. The program has been hailed worldwide as a brilliant step forward for Mutant Rights.


Holler is a first rate telepath and telekinetic, capable of tremendous feats in both areas. While the latter skills far outweigh the former neither should be taken lightly. Holler has been shown to be able to lift objects as large as a full sized truck with his telekinesis and throw them great distances as well as deflect projectiles such as fire arms and Cyclopes concussive eye blasts with telekinetic shields. Telepathically Holler pales in comparison to some of the first rate telepaths such as Emma Frost and Rachael Grey, but is shown to be well versed and adept at employing them all the same.

Dean Nathaniel Holler

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