Red Queen




The Red Queen is the Synthetic Intelligence partially responsible for running the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning. Developed in combination with Forge, Nathaniel Holler and I/o Red Queen is a derivative of the Danger Room programming combined with I/o’s original programming at Nathaniel Holler’s request.

Red Queen governs the day-to-day necessities of the University as well as the X-Men: Heroes Unlimited training programs. Considered the highest form of synthetic intelligence currently employed on the planet, Red Queen functions as second-in-command to Dean Holler.

Skyfire Network:

The Red Queen mother board is hard wired not only into every building on campus but also throught the main Quad and accessible wirelessly through the Skyfire Network available on Campus. X-Men: HU students are able to access her programming through their Skyfire Com-link.

Synthetic Neuropathic Abilities:

Red Queen’s advance motherboard technology grants her synthetic neuropathic abilities similar to telepathy to anyone linked to the Skyfire system. Defensively she can also use electronic equivalents of telepathic attacks to shut down any malignant intruders or students that are misbehaving.

Red Dawn:

Within The Box, Red Queen takes a samurai form known as Red Dawn – depicted above. A cyborg samurai program capable of mimicking any fighting abilities within her database.

Red Queen

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